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Frontend Developer

You’ll work with international team on development and maintenance of the apps. We built most of our stuff using React + Redux and Node.js + Express. We prefer to use TypeScript when possible, but we believe if you’re good JavaScript developer there is nothing better than learn on the real project. We provide you time and materials to learn.

Salary and seniority


- 1+ years of experience
- 10-15k PLN NET


- 3+ years of experience
- 15-25k PLN NET


- 5+ years of experience
- 25-35k PLN NET


- Contract (permanent): B2B

- Client: 100% remote software house

- Work mode: Flexible working hours

- Size of the company: > 30

Requests (⭐–⭐⭐⭐):

- frontend development (React.js) (⭐⭐⭐)

- redux or other state management lib (⭐⭐)

- docker (not necessary) (⭐)

- e2e testing (not necessary) (⭐)
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